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Exploration. Responsive. Fun.

Toddlers need a schedule that is responsive to their needs, with appropriate stimulation and time to rest.

Our teachers encourage conversation, read stories and play with the toddlers – just like they want!

At Kids-Play, we value many things, but above all our Toddler Care Program is focused on:
     Experienced, well-trained teachers and assistants
     Understanding and respecting the emerging skills and interests of toddlers
     Promoting learning through play
     Providing a safe, clean environment that is adapted regularly to accommodate the growing needs of toddlers
     Assisting toddlers in becoming emotionally secure and socially competent


A Typical Toddler Schedule
     Morning greetings
     Independent choice of activity
     Wash hands and eat breakfast
     Small group activities (dramatic play, puzzles, sensory)
     Indoor/outdoor gross motor activities
     Circle time (stories, songs)
     Learning center (art, music, blocks etc)
     Wash hands and eat lunch
     Read stories
     Indoor gym time (gross motor activities)
     Quiet time (soothing music, back rubs, naps)
     Wash hands and eat snack
     Outdoor gross motor activities
     Learning center (music, math, art, writing)
     Individual discovery (stories, matching games)
     Written daily reports are provided each day for parents

Throughout the day toileting opportunities and diaper checks are taking place. The schedule is general and flexible according to the needs of each toddler child.