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Quality. Creative. Growth.
Designed to meet the State of Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning Content Standards, our pre-school curriculum offers growth, learning and play that allows each child to express themselves creatively.

A quality education that delivers a unique, creative and accredited experience for our pre-schoolers.

The preschool program at Kids-Play is designed to meet the State of Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning Content Standards. The standards express a shared vision of what children should experience learn and know as a result of quality early education and care programs.

Our Creative Curriculum is aligned with the Content Standards of the Ohio Department of Education. This means that the educational opportunities for our pre-schoolers is endless!
     Playing with language
     Expressing themselves creatively
     Social-emotional growth and development
     Learning experiences in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and fine art
     Large motor skill development and technology


A Typical Pre-School Schedule
     Welcome and greeting
     Independent choice of open learning center
     Wash hands and eat breakfast followed by brushing teeth
     Gym & gross motor activities
     Circle/Discussion time (stories, calendar, songs)
     Learning Center (math, science, language arts)
     Clean up
     Outside gross motor activities
     Transition to classroom (songs, rhymes)
     Read story and wash hands
     Lunch and conversation
     Quiet time (books and journals)
     Relaxation and nap time (instrumental music)
     Small group activities (reading, writing, math)
     Clean up
     Outside/gym gross motor activities
     Circle time / review of day
     Learning center – (math, language arts, computers and more)

*The schedule may vary based on the interests and needs of the children.