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Q: Are we able to enroll our child for less than 5 full days per week?

A: Children 18 months and older can enroll for half days or 2-4 full days per week. A half day is considered between 8:30 and 12:30 am or
    1:00 and 5:00 pm. There is a minimum of two days per week required. Also, the days must be the same week to week.

     Infants are only full time and pay the weekly tuition no matter how many days they attend.

Q: When is tuition due to be paid?

A: Tuition is due by 6:30 pm Wednesday for the current week.

Q: Does our tuition include meals?

A: Yes, breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are included in the tuition.

Q: What is Step Up To Quality?

A: Step Up To Quality is Ohio’s voluntary rating system that is designed to assist parents in finding the best possible early care and
    education program for their children. Step Up To Quality is becoming the gold standard for parents concerned about early learning,
    foundational development and the ability of children to meet the educational requirements of a 21st century education.

Q: Do I need to pack my child’s lunch?

A: No. Kids-Play provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack for the children. All meals meet the USDA standards for
    age appropriate nutrition.

Q: Will my child use a computer?

A: All groups of children from Advanced Toddlers to School Age have tablets and computers in their classrooms and are encouraged to use the
    educational software that is provided.

Q: What is the school age summer program like?

A: For school age children the summer is a time to explore new interests, take interesting field trips, participate in special sports
    programs, expand reading, science and math skills and develop long lasting friendships.

Q: Do you provide transportation for school age children?

A: No, we are not able to provide transportation. However, some of the school systems do provide busing to and from our locations.